9 Jul 2024

Data Manager Intern at Result Consult Co. Ltd

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Job Description


1. Background

The Result Consult Co. Ltd is a research and resource mobilization consulting firm with the mission to undertake, assist and commission research projects and mobilize resources for better change. We aspired to create a data bank of possible, innovative and profitable business ideas and impact-oriented project ideas delivered from research findings. The company operates with consultants and associates to deliver commissioned assignments from both public, private and non-governmental sectors. The key consultants and experts are outsourced from registered affiliates with high level qualifications in their respective disciplines.

2. Job Purpose

Data manager is responsible for integrating data from various sources, supporting data analysis and reporting, and managing data-related projects. He/she collaborate with other departments to meet data needs, provide support, and continuously improve data management practices to align with the company goals and ensure efficient data utilization.

3. Key responsibilities

Data Collection and Management: Develop and implement data collection tools and strategies to gather relevant information from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, surveys, and external sources; and clean, organize, and maintain large datasets to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and integrity;
Data Analysis and Interpretation: Analyze complex datasets using statistical techniques; and interpret data findings and communicate insights to stakeholders in a clear and actionable manner, using data visualization tools and techniques.
Data Reporting and Visualization: Develop and generate reports, dashboards, and data visualizations to present key findings and metrics to stakeholders; Customize reports and visualizations based on the specific needs of different departments or teams within the organization and Provide ad-hoc data analysis and reporting support to address specific business questions or requests from stakeholders.
Data Quality Assurance: Implement data quality checks and validation processes to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data; identify and resolve data quality issues, anomalies, and inconsistencies through data cleansing and validation techniques and monitor data quality metrics and performance indicators to continuously improve data quality and integrity.
Perform other responsibilities agreed upon with the management: These are other activities that are not mentioned above, but which can significantly contribute to the smooth operation data management, analysis and interpretation.
4. Qualification

Hold at least bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Economics, Data Science and related subjects from a reputable university.

5. Knowledge, Skills and attitudes

Database Management: Understanding of database systems
Data Analysis and Interpretation: Proficiency in data analysis techniques, tools, and methodologies mainly Advanced Excel, SPSS, STATA and Python
Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze large datasets and derive actionable insights
Communication Skills: Ability to clearly convey complex data concepts to non-technical stakeholders.
Critical Thinking: Capability to critically evaluate data processes and propose improvements
Collaboration: Ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders
Continuous Learning: Eagerness to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in data management.
Innovative Thinking: Willingness to explore new ideas and technologies for data management
Strategic Vision: Ability to align data management practices with the organization’s long-term goals;
Knowledge in English skills both writing and speaking. French is an added value.

Method of Application

Interested candidates should send their applications together with their CVs, giving full details of their age, qualifications, experience, present full contact details including telephone number to: [email protected] and copy [email protected] by Wednesday, 24th July, 2024.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for written and oral exam which is scheduled on Friday 26th July 2024 at 10:00 a.m. Additional details will be shared via email.

Done at Kigali, July 8th, 2024

Sylvain Bikorimana

Managing Director

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