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Ye Yinzhu smiled and said, “I don’t mind, but you have to ask him what he means.”. Gelasius is my partner, not my subordinate. Maldini was delighted and thought to himself that he really had a chance. At that moment, regardless of his status as a marshal, he got up and went straight to Gelasius. Gelasius did drink a little too much, and even with his strong body, he felt a little dizzy at this time. See a person walks toward him, “drink? Come, you say, how to drink?” Maldini hastened: “I’m not here to drink with you.”. Brother, how about we discuss something. As long as you are willing to stay in our Northern Legion, you will have enough to eat and drink in the future. Gelasius froze for a moment, and as soon as he heard that there was a full tube, the whole person suddenly became energetic. The head is not dizzy, staring at Maldini, said: “Really, tube full?” Maldini said with a straight face: “Of course, as the commander of the Northern Legion of the Milan Empire, would I lie to you?” Gelasius looked in the direction of Ye Yinzhu, who drank slowly and whispered something to the purple beside him from time to time. I didn’t pay attention to his side. Gelasius thought for a moment and said, All right then. I promise you. But if you don’t have a meal one day, I’ll have to go. Maldini gritted his teeth and said, “OK,pipe cantilever rack, no problem.”. Yin Zhu over there. “That’s easy to say,” said Gelasius. “I’ll just say hello to Lord Qin. He’s eager for someone to support me. He always said that I had eaten up the city of Qin. Old man. I read you right. You’re a good man. As he spoke, Gelasius smiled. Maldini smiled, too. But Maldini did not see it, and Ye Yinzhu on the wine table smiled as well. In this way, the dinner ended with the guests and hosts enjoying themselves. Ye Yinzhu and purple walk out of the banquet hall together, let the ocean and Sula go back to the room to rest first, tell them to go out with purple,Steel racking system, inspect the army situation. The two girls did not doubt him and went back first. The moonlight is clear and cold, and the cold wind is blowing from the north. Despite the wide walls, the temperature in the Holy Light City is still very low. On the head of the city, two tall men stood there, quietly gazing at the north, the moonlight, such as washing, sprinkled on them to bring a stronger cold. The young man on the left is about 1.9 meters tall and slender. His shoulders are not exaggerated, but his figure is very symmetrical. A milky white magic robe covered his body, showing his status as a magician. Her long black hair fell neatly over her shoulders, and her handsome face looked flawless in the moonlight. The man beside him was even taller, more than two meters tall, and his granite body was covered with purple clothes, as bright as his hair and amethyst eyes. His bright eyes were fixed on the north, and his clenched fists showed that he was not calm. The moon is really bright tonight, and it doesn’t seem to be a good time. Purple said lightly. Ye Yinzhu smiled, “does this affect us?” Simple answer, heavy duty warehouse rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, but show a strong confidence. The heroic spirit in the purple chest is born suddenly, “Yes, what effect can this have on us?”? Let’s go. On the head of the city, there were all the soldiers of Qin City. After the army of Qin City was stationed, Maldini gave a small part of the city defense to the soldiers of Qin City to guard. At this time, behind Ye Yinzhu and Zi, it was the four infantry legions of Qin City. Of course, they knew the two people in front of them, Qin Di and Zi Di, who were the symbols of Qin City. Every Shi’s eyes are full of reverence, and in their hearts, there is no difference between Qin and Ming. Ye Yinzhu turned around and showed a warm smile and white teeth to the soldiers in charge of guarding the city. “Keep it secret.” As soon as the voice fell, the two men unfolded their bodies at the same time and leapt out toward the gates. As the first important town in the north of Milan to confront Thor’s Hammer Fortress, the city wall was nearly 100 meters high, but the two men jumped down, but none of the soldiers in Qin City felt abrupt, as if they should have had such strength.
The white figure was particularly obvious in the moonlight, but Ye Yinzhu did not hide it. Two figures, one white and one purple, leaped out. In midair, the purple light appeared on them at the same time, just like the dazzling tail flame, driving their bodies to jump forward. In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared in the vast night. Galloping, is a very comfortable feeling, Ye Yinzhu and purple did not urge the fighting spirit to protect the body, let the cold wind from the north hit the body. This cold feeling makes their spirits more sober. From the City of Light to Quake Fortress, it is about a hundred miles away, which can be said to be the closest between the human city and the orc fortress. Far away, in the bright moonlight, Ye Yinzhu and Zi had seen the tall and broad walls of Thor’s Hammer Fortress. Thor’s Hammer Fortress is indeed the first important town of the orcs, and now it is wartime, faintly, you can see a large number of patrolling orc soldiers on the head of the fortress city. Under the moonlight, more unidentified flying objects are constantly cruising over the fortress. Ye Yinzhu slowed down, he could not use his eyes to see, but the Tianrenhe area gave him the feeling even clearer than his eyes, “the fortress defense is really heavy, purple, it seems that we have to be more careful.” His tone is very relaxed, for these guards naturally will not see in the eyes, but he and purple this time is not to frighten the snake, so there will be careful words. Purple nodded and said, “How can I get up there?” Ye Yinzhu smiled and said, “Look at me.” As he spoke, he raised his hands, eight fingers in front of his chest to outline a special gesture, a thick black fog released from his body, instantly enveloped himself and purple body. His white magic robe of the divine source can no longer be the target of attention. At least looking down from Quake Fortress, Ye Yinzhu and Zi could not be distinguished from each other in the black fog. The two men spread out again, and the black fog not only covered their bodies, but also their breath,Pallet rack supplier, until they came to the fortress, across the moat hundreds of meters wide, still not found by the orc soldiers guarding the city.

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