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You may need to back up your email account for various reasons. You could need a duplicate of your data for protection in the event of a cyber breach, or you might be switching email providers. Thankfully, Google has a function that streamlines this procedure on the Gmail account settings page.

Google Takeout allows the export and Download of data from many Google products, including Gmail emails, Google Drive, Google Photos, and Google Play.

You may choose to export all emails or only certain designated information when exporting Gmail data using the MBOX or JSON formats. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Make It Count 1. Open your Google Account and sign in.

2. From the Gmail screen, choose to Manage Your Google Account by clicking on the profile symbol.

3. This launches the dashboard for managing Google Account settings for Google products.

4. Locate the “Data from applications and services you use” section by scrolling down and selecting it.

5. Choose the option to download your data.

6. All Google products connected to your account are displayed on the Google Takeout page.

7. MBOX or JSON are the two formats in which data may be exported.

Email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird utilize MBOX files to read the emails, but JSON is solely used for user preferences.

8. To preview the data that will be exported, choose the option for All Mail data included.

9. Enter any necessary label information, leave everything as-is, and click OK.
Go to the page’s bottom by scrolling.

10. To view the export settings, click Next Step.

The export may be posted to your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box account or forwarded via email (which will include a link to download the file locally).

You must connect each account to your Google account for Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox. This is completed before the export starts.

Please be aware that exports for distribution by email are only valid for seven days from the date of export.

11. Depending on the preferences, the exports may be conducted only once or set to run once every two months for a year.

12. You can also export files in or.tgz formats. Choose the chosen compression format, then go on to the following selection.

13. Content may be divided depending on the given size if you have a lot of data. For instance, if the split size is 2 GB and the export size is 10 GB., five files will be created and available for Download.

14. If Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box were chosen above, click “Create export” or “Link accounts” and create export to start the procedure.

15. An email with instructions on downloading and managing the export will be sent to your Gmail account after the procedure is finished.

16. After selecting Download your files, you will be prompted to provide your password before the exported material is downloaded automatically.

17. To see the exported mailbox, extract the archive. Please be aware that this would be one file if everything from Gmail were exported. Multiple files will be created if numerous labels are chosen.

18. Desktop email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird or Mailbird may be used to open MBOX files.

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