Marco Polo (1253-1324)
The history of discovery is also inextricably linked with the subjugation, oppression and brutal plundering of the countries and peoples discovered, for example in Africa and the Americas. The slave trade and the extermination of entire peoples by Europeans are manifestations of one of the bloodiest chapters in human history, the colonial age – pay someone to do my math homework . For many peoples of Asia, Africa and the Americas, the colonial era began immediately with the great discoveries and was not completely over until around 1960.
Marco Polo
The ancient cultural country of China first became known in Christian Europe through Marco Polo’s travelogue – history homework help . This travelogue was also printed in 1477. Until the 16th century, the most important report of the Middle Ages for the expansion of the Europeans’ view of the earth was the basis for knowledge about China.
Ancient knowledge about the earth had often perished with the Roman Empire. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, much of the knowledge about the Earth that had already existed had to be painstakingly compiled anew. Marco Polo’s voyage, which took place in the period before the actual great geographical discoveries, was an important building block for this.
European merchants expand the picture of the East
Like Marco Polo – do my homework , before and after him, merchants and explorers travelled from Europe to the unknown, mysterious East.
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