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There seems to be something upstairs, seducing him, Huo Zhou’s heart has never been so strong. After the monthly exam results were announced, Huo Zhou was so happy that he couldn’t wait to run upstairs after class to tell Luo Qinghuai the good news. Qinghuai went to the toilet. Xu Yao said, “tell me what you have.” Before he had finished speaking, Huo Zhou ran quickly in the direction of the toilet. Xu Yao: “..” What about your best friend? Huo Zhou ran back and forth several times, more than half of the ten minutes between classes had passed, and there were not many people in the toilet. Inside in the end or smelly, Huo Zhou stood outside the door waiting for Luo Qinghuai. As a result, when class was about to begin, Luo Qinghuai had not yet come out. Huo Zhou finally couldn’t wait and called out tentatively, “Luo Qinghuai?” There was a light sound inside, but no one answered. Worried, Huo Zhou rushed in. There was no one else in the toilet, and the door of one of the cubicles just opened. A tall and strong boy of about 1.8 meters came out of the cubicle,Inflatable water park on lake, muttering as he walked: “Your skin is so white..” He was stunned for a moment when he saw Huo Zhou. Why don’t you go? A man came out from behind the boy and pushed him. That’s Luo Qinghuai! As he walked, he lowered his head to tidy up his clothes, because there was a striking red mark on the white back of his neck. Huo Zhou’s whole body froze. An indescribable sourness and anger gushed from the bottom of my heart. Elder brother When Luo Qinghuai saw Huo Zhou, he was startled. “Why are you here?” Huo Zhou came to his senses and pinched himself on his thigh: “I, I’m going to the toilet. I’m going to class. I’ll go down first.” He turned around in a mess and ran downstairs quickly,Jumping castle with slide, and he could still hear Luo Qinghuai calling him from behind. Elder brother? Huo Zhou! Zhouzhou.. Huo Zhou felt as if his heart had been dug away, and he felt so uncomfortable that he was about to go crazy. As he rushed to the classroom, he prayed to himself, “Ring the bell, ring the bell!”! God gives face, Huo Zhou just rushed into the classroom, the bell rang. Huo Zhou breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed in his seat. What did you do? The fat man in the back seat poked him. “Why don’t you look well?” Huo Zhou ignored him. He doesn’t have time to talk to anyone right now. It’s too hard. What are Luo Qinghuai and that boy doing in the cubicle? It can’t be a normal toilet anyway, that’s. This is a Chinese class, see teacher Ma, Huo Zhou suddenly thought of that time to see him and teacher Tan kiss the scene. He stared nervously at Mr. Ma and suddenly found a red mark under his shirt collar. Ma teacher covered very well, only showed a trace, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable air dancer, if not Huo Zhou know something, is absolutely not seen. But because of such a cover-up, let Huo Zhou suspicious. Could it be that this is the legendary hickey? I just saw the red mark on the back of Luo Qinghuai’s neck in my mind, so. Is Luo Qinghuai in love with that boy?! Is Luo Qinghuai gay, too? No wonder he was so calm when he saw Mr. Tan and Mr. Ma. But even if he is, he shouldn’t do that kind of thing with other boys in the toilet. What’s wrong with that boy? Not worthy of Luo Qinghuai at all! No, it doesn’t seem to be the most important thing. What is the most important thing? Huo Zhou felt that he was going crazy, and every time he breathed, his heart would be torn and painful. How did this happen? How can this be?! “Teacher Ma is looking at you. Open the book quickly!” Fat Dun kicked Huo Zhou in the back. Huo Zhou mechanically went to get the book, but accidentally touched the water bottle on the table. The uncovered water bottle was dumped and the reference book next to it was wet. Huo Zhou opened the book and shook the water in a hurry. Busy for a long time to clean up the desktop, Huo Zhou chagrined to wipe the water on the book, but suddenly a hand. He accidentally turned to this page, is a poem appreciation, the last two lines are: a lonely sound, the remnant dream falls Qinghuai. Huo Zhou can no longer see anything else, staring at the “fall Qinghuai” three words as if possessed. When the bell rang, Mr. Ma took a look at Huo Zhou and left the classroom. Millet porridge, what are you writing? You don’t even look at the blackboard. Teacher Ma has been looking at you. The fat man stretched out his fat claws from behind. “Show me.” Huo Zhou finally came to his senses and saw the draft paper in front of him.
The paper is full of words, the first half is “Luo Qinghuai” and the second half is “Luo Qinghuai”. Huo Zhou crumpled the paper into a ball and stuffed it into his mouth before the fat man’s hand touched it. Pangdun looked at Huo Zhou with a big ball of paper in his mouth with a frightened face. Huo Zhou: … … Are you really stupid? He stretched out his hand to take out the paper ball, but when he looked up, he saw Luo Qinghuai with a worried face outside the window. Meanwhile, someone at the door shouted: “Huo Zhou!”! Someone is looking for you! Chapter 22 I wait for you. I’m so embarrassed! Huozhou chagrin unceasingly, but can’t ignore Luo Qinghuai. He took the spitball out of his mouth and did not dare to throw it casually, for fear that the fat man would pick it up in bad taste. Huo Zhou pulled the paper ball in his hand and took a deep breath before he went out to see Luo Qinghuai. A few steps away, Huo Zhou walked very hard, he did not know what Luo Qinghuai to do. Vaguely looking forward to his explanation, but also afraid to hear the news they do not want to hear, extremely suffering. Come with me Luo Qinghuai grabbed Huo Zhou’s wrist and pulled him to run downstairs. He didn’t play by the rules and had no intention of explaining. Huo Zhou ran out of breath. “Where are you going?” “I’ll be there soon.” Luo Qinghuai pulled Huo Zhou to the toilet next to the teacher’s building. There are toilets on each floor of their teaching building, but after class, there are many people everywhere, and there are relatively few people in the teachers’ building. Sure enough, there was no one in the toilet. It’s just, what are you doing in the bathroom? Go to the bathroom with him? Luo Qinghuai dragged Huo Zhou, opened the door of a lattice room,Inflatable water obstacle course, and pushed him in. Huo Zhou:?? What is he going to do? Luo Qinghuai came in and locked the door. The cubicle was small, and the two boys were in it, so it seemed a little crowded.

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