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Registered members can get a private bookshelf, which is more convenient for reading! [59 Literature Permanent Address: www.59to.com] [Text 1925 Secret, This Is An Excellent Thing] Xuan Shaoqi came to find Feng Qingchen, naturally not only for the rumors outside, he also brought a very powerful, and practical news. Feng Qingchen’s sister-in-law, Lu Yiran, the stepmother of Yu Shaoqi, revealed a big news when she was half crazy, which was the biggest secret of the pirate Lu family. In fact, the Lu family was a courtier of the former Dynasty. In the name of pirates, they inquired about the news for the former Dynasty in the sea area. The Lu family had a generation of family leaders, and even buried with the imperial mausoleum. The Lu family had a wooden box given by the emperor, which was only passed down from generation to generation. After the Lu family was exterminated, the box fell into the hands of Feng Qingchen’s mother, Lu Yimo. She said that the box contained the secret of the treasure of the former Dynasty. In the past, he wouldn’t have taken his stepmother’s crazy words to heart at all, but now it’s going viral outside about the treasure of the former court, and he went there in person on the principle of being careful. I opened the box. Feng Qingchen said in a low voice. Kui Shaoqi was stupefied for a moment, and then smiled carelessly: “So you already know. If I had known,faux ficus tree, I wouldn’t have had to rush here.” Aware of the loss in Xuan Shaoqi’s words, Feng Qingchen hurriedly said, “Shaoqi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean not to say it. It’s just..” Before Feng Qingchen had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Yu Shaoqi: “It’s all right. This kind of thing really shouldn’t be said to outsiders. Ordinary people are innocent and guilty. Look at the fate of the new Lord of Liancheng, you will know how crazy the Three Kingdoms are about the treasures of the former Dynasty.”. It’s safest if you don’t say it. [] Emperor Huang’s Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 1925 To say that I don’t mind at all is absolutely a lie. I do feel a little uncomfortable, but I can understand it. The light dust really shouldn’t say to outsiders because of his family’s “nature”. He is just an outsider based on the light dust. It’s not that I don’t believe you,decorative palm trees, and I don’t treat you as an outsider, it’s just. Knowing this will not only do you no good, but will lead to death. Sometimes, knowing too many secrets is not a happy thing. I know. I came here in person because I was afraid that the news would leak out and bring death to you and me. You don’t have to worry about Xuanxiao Palace. I’ve sealed my mouth. No one will reveal a word. By the way, don’t throw away the wooden box, the woman said. The wooden box is made of special material, so you can walk in safely with it. In fact, there is only a little concern, after all, he can not say everything to Feng Qingchen. The original wooden box has a special use. Feng Qingchen’s eyes lit up and she said gratefully, “Shaoqi, thank you for bringing me this important news.” Feng Qingchen sincerely thanked him for his understanding. Between you and me, there’s no need to be so polite. Xuan Shaoqi smiled and made no secret of his love for Feng Qingchen. Generous, natural, outdoor palm trees ,artificial grass panels, as he said, Feng Qingchen as a sister to spoil, to love. Feng Qingchen’s nose was sour and he couldn’t say a word. She was really worried just now that Shaoqi would be unfamiliar with her because of this, but now it seems that she won’t. Xuan Shaoqi came all the way here. Naturally, it was impossible for him to leave after speaking. Feng Qingchen got a practical message and was in a good mood. He invited the housekeeper to arrange for Xuan Shaoqi to stay. Shaoqi, I have something important to go out. I’ll see you later. Seeing Shaoqi, Feng Qingchen had a good idea, but he had to listen to Uncle Jiu’s opinion first. Shaoqi roughly guessed that what Feng Qingchen said should be related to the wooden box, nodded, let Feng Qingchen go, do not care about him. When Uncle Jiu left in the morning, he said that he would be in the palace all day today. Feng Qingchen asked the rickshaw puller to send her directly to the palace. But when he heard that Feng Qingchen wanted to see Uncle Jiu, the palace people were dumbfounded. Wang Ye, Wang Ye didn’t go to the palace today. “Not in the palace?” Feng Qingchen raised his eyebrows in surprise. Didn’t he say this morning that he would come to the palace to pay off the government affairs? As soon as the palace man heard this, he knew he had said the wrong thing. With a cold sweat on his face, he stammered, “Come on, I’ve come and gone..” He left early.
” [] Emperor Huang’s Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 1925 “Did you say where to go?” Feng Qingchen frowned. There is no need to ask about the whereabouts of the nine imperial uncles in the capital. During the day, they are either in the palace or in the nine royal palaces. There are very few times when their whereabouts are uncertain. No, no, the slave doesn’t know. The palace people were so frightened that their legs trembled. Feng Qingchen could not bear to embarrass him. He asked the rickshaw puller to turn his horse around and go to Jiuwangfu, but there was still no one in Jiuwangfu. You don’t know where Uncle Nine has gone? Feng Qingchen stared at the housekeeper, trying to find a trace on his face. The housekeeper shook his head and said, “If you go back to the girl, I really don’t know. Wang Ye is very busy these days. He must have gone out with some adult.” This kind of thing is also possible, Feng Qingchen no longer asked, think of the house Xuan Shaoqi, Feng Qingchen is not good in the nine palace for a long time, then let the housekeeper tell the nine emperor uncle, said she had something important to find him. The housekeeper repeatedly said yes, but when Uncle Jiu came to find Feng Qingchen, it was already midnight. Feng Qingchen was sleeping soundly, but he was woken up by Uncle Jiu. He muttered discontentedly, “Where are you going? I can’t find anyone all day.” Feng Qingchen almost never asked about Uncle Jiu’s whereabouts. When he heard this, Uncle Jiu frowned and asked discontentedly, “Do you check the whereabouts of the king?” Cold tone, implied dissatisfaction, Feng Qingchen instantly sober, incredibly looking at the nine emperor uncle: “What do you mean by that?”? Can’t I just ask? Uncle Jiu, what’s wrong? “Yes.” Nine emperor uncle also realized that his tone was not right, but he could not pull down his face to apologize, just pursed his lips and did not speak. Feng Qingchen originally just asked casually, but hearing that Uncle Jiu was so concerned, Feng Qingchen instead wanted to ask: “Can you tell me now, where did you go all day today?” “Temple.” Uncle Jiu didn’t hide anything,silk ficus tree, but the answer stunned Feng Qingchen: “Did you go to ask for the empress Dowager?” Feng Qingchen had a bad feeling in his heart. Uh Nine emperor uncle looked at the phoenix light dust, deep eyes like a deep valley, bottomless. hacartificialtree.com

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