The package arrived just in time for the big weekend.

While my man was downstairs cooking up a special, light meal for us, I slipped into our room to prepare our dessert. Knowing we wouldn’t be interrupted (the kids were away overnight) I sat on the bed and rested the parcel that had arrived earlier that day in my lap.

I opened the glossy, embossed box, to find everything I had hoped for. Long bondage straps, padded wrist and ankle restraints, and a silky blindfold to match. I admired each item as I set them out on the bedside table. Anticipation flickered inside me; a dark fantasy was coming to life and a frisson of nerves wove through my excitement.

I unlocked our black box of sex toys, selecting some favourite silicone and glass items which we might use tonight. Beside them, I set out lube and tissues. I placed the paddle in easy reach — we had tried it on each other recently, discovering that we both enjoyed a little spanking of the escorts we used to order from

That little taste of intensity had whet my appetite for more so tonight I was keen to take things further than we had ever gone before.

For years, I’d read books and stories of characters who found themselves bound and spanked and humiliated by a more dominant partner — and loving every minute of it. These stories never failed to raise my pulse and pique my urges. But I couldn’t tell which part of the fantasy thrilled me more — the idea of wielding the power over my man or submitting entirely to his will.

I wanted to find devious new ways to tease and torment my man. I’d tried a little light domination before but wanted to totally lose myself. He loved handing over control and revelled in my spanking, pinching and biting before pleasure tipped him over the edge. But would I be able to take on the submissive role beyond the pages of my favourite stories?

This always troubled me — my ‘fantasy’ man is dark and commanding, with a little menace, while my partner is loving and considerate. He’s strong though, so while he might balk at inducing pain, I worried my man might be too rough unintentionally.

As I unwrapped and laid our new flogger alongside the paddle, the butterflies inside me were, by now, going wild.

Would I enjoy handing control over to my man?

There was only one way to find out.

With everything in place, it was time to prepare myself. I began to disrobe but stopped to take a moment to study myself in the bathroom mirror. Pupils dilated, skin flushed, my pulse pounding in my veins — it was clear that anticipation for what was to come was already getting to me. My excitement and nerves were warring inside me, but my enthusiasm was evident. My folds felt swollen and moist, while my throat was dry and tight.

The room was filling with steam when I stepped into the glass cubicle. Looking down my naked body, there was an obvious tremble to my full breasts as I breathed, my heart beating hard beneath, while the drumming shower water pebbled my nipples.

I lathered my body with freesia-scented suds then shaved the soapy trails away down my legs revealing silky smooth skin to match my recently waxed labia. I rubbed at my nipples with a textured cloth making hard, determined circles around the pinker skin; deliberately making myself sensitive and aware of the slightest touch.

By the time I was done, I had a low-level throb drumming so steadily in my veins that when I rinsed my pussy with hot water, my fingers met a slick of lubrication. It would be so easy to get myself off right now, a few taps to my clitoris, some twists to my now sensitised nipples, but I reminded myself to behave. This preparation was a prelude to the main event: the highly-anticipated sex game we had promised ourselves for our anniversary.

Reluctantly, I pressed the shower faucet down to cut the water off. I towelled myself dry, sucking in a controlling breath when I gently dabbed my bullet-hard nipples. I smoothed matching freesia lotion onto my calves and buttocks, every touch making me tingle before slipping a silky dressing gown over my sensitive flesh.

Just before heading downstairs to join Jim, I snaked a hand inside my robe and swiped a finger through the slick between my hot folds. I dabbed my pussy juice behind my ears — an old trick to entice your lover when he leans in close.

Jim called out that our dinner was nearly ready. So, reassuring myself everything in the room was perfect, I hurried downstairs. I was eager for the date to begin. The food was lovely and sips of wine melted away the hard edges of everything. We both relaxed, chatting about our honeymoon, compared with a recent holiday. My body continued to tingle with anticipation, the alcohol brought a heaviness to my limbs, reminding me of our plans to tie each other up.

Our eyes met frequently. We laughed about the disappointment of our wedding night because we were so tired. Jim marvelled about the passion and desire we’ve built on over the passing years. He doesn’t think all couples are as open and experimental as we are.

“I can honestly say I never regret asking you to marry me.” His sincerity makes me melt and blush. “Can you believe we’re about to try bondage?” Jim marvels, mirroring the bubble of excitement swelling inside me.

“I’ve blindfolded you before!” I laughed.

“Yes, and you know I love it. But you’ve never tied me up. And are you going to let me take control?”

“I might! Let’s see how it goes. I am curious to try the flogger.”

Jim waggled his eyebrows at me, which made me laugh, easing the tension.

Following our delicious food, we adjourned to the sofa, to continue reminiscing, but our anticipation was an elephant in the room.

“Would you like some more?” Jim hovered the wine near my glass.

“Darling, you know what I really want.”

Jim wore a delighted smirk.

“Your nipples against the silk have distracted me all evening, they’re driving me wild. Look what you’re doing.” He rubbed the swelling at the front of his jeans and I echoed that throb in my groin.

“Let’s put that wild to the test.” Ditching my wine glass I grabbed his hand.

“Yikes!” he laughed, abandoning the bottle. He followed me upstairs, hopefully hypnotised by my swaying rump.

While Jim took a shower I slipped into something less comfortable.

I love to dress up for sex so I chose sheer black stockings and hot pink open crotch knickers with built-in suspenders, teamed with a pink balconette bra Jim bought me in Paris (a previous anniversary trip).

When Jim returned to the bedroom, he wore a towel around his waist and water droplets scattered his broad chest. We appraised each other.

I still find him so sexy…

“Looking good, Jim.” I smiled and he struck a pose to show off his muscles.

“C’mere.” He held out his arms to embrace me. “You haven’t changed since the day we married,” he murmured into my hair.

I laughed. Obviously, I have. I’ve had our two children. But it’s lovely to hear that he appreciates my figure.

How do we move from here into unfamiliar kinky territory?

My nerves made me rather brisk as I asked, “How do you want to do this? Shall I tie you up first?” I gestured towards the webbing straps which now hung at the four corners of the mattress.

Jim agreed eagerly. I instructed him to lie on his back so I could access his cock and nipples — teasing Jim’s nipples is essential foreplay – he absolutely loves it! When I showed him the paddle and the flogger, his eyes twinkled.

“I’ll start gently. Tell me at any time if it’s too much. I can stop, or we can take a breather.”

Jim nodded.

“I’m going to put the blindfold on now, you OK with that?”

“Yes.” He nodded confirmation, so I slipped the silky, shaped fabric over his eyes and rested his head back on the pillows.

“Try to escape,” I told him.

He brought his arms up. “No, they won’t come undone.”

“No, really try. Feel the vulnerability — I want you to realise you actually can’t move.” I don’t consider myself a natural domme, but this was the turning point; my excitement was cresting.

I encouraged him to try to sit up or twist out of the restraints. It was futile, he was spread out naked and strung tight, totally at my mercy. Lust flickered in my belly. Later, Jim would tell me that as I fastened the blindfold, he felt safe, at my mercy —it’s a funny contradiction isn’t it?

But we trust each other, which was important for it to be enjoyable.

I grasped the flogger, which is a relatively short one, the leather traces only about 20 cm long, and swished it about, to learn how it moved and to ramp up anticipation. I stroked it up his ribs and around his nipples in a teasing way.

“What’s that?” I questioned.

“The flogger?” he replied, unsure.

“Very good.” I swatted his nipples with the tails, making a thwack. “And what’s that?”

“The flogger!” His voice held a yelp.

Swish! Thwack! I swiped the other nipple. “Does it hurt?”

“No, it’s nice.” He sounded happy.

As I slipped deeper into a masterful persona, Jim became totally trusting and vulnerable. I began a random pattern of trailing the flogger sweetly over his nipples interspersed with spitefully lashing at them. Jim twitched often, but he was smiling beneath the blindfold. Shyly, he urged me to continue so I evolved the pattern into a triangle, including his cock and balls in the rhythm of strokes and swats. Jim’s happy expression hardly wavered as I gradually increased the impact of blows.

Surreptitiously I swapped the flogger for the paddle, smacking it against his nipple. He sucked in a surprised breath.

“Does that hurt?” I was curious, but slightly dispassionate.

“No, it’s OK.” Jim’s voice held a slight wobble. “Carry on.”

I continued, sometimes paddle swats, sometimes flogger lashes, some blows gentle while others were meant to sting. Jim never knew what was coming, but his gasps — and an abundance of precum — revealed his enjoyment being subjected to my whims. My husband’s pectorals looked rosy, his stiff cock bobbed and twitched, its engorged tip shiny. I delighted in the teasing nature of this game and the pleasure he evidently felt.

“Ahhhh!” he gasped after a particularly stinging flick of the flogger.

Had I gone too far?

“Hit my balls more often,” he begged, writhing against the restraints.

My pussy throbbed and my nipples tightened.

It was time to get meaner.

Abandoning the flogger and the paddle, my fingers began pinching. Jim wriggled, his hips straining to thrust. I dragged on each nipple simultaneously, as if I wanted to elongate them – he groaned deeply.

“Too much?”

“No!” His voice rasped with desire. “More!”

I rewarded him with several hard slaps on those puckered nubs, which by now were quite dark, engorged with blood. Jim bit his lip and moaned. Lubing up my finger I began to massage his perineum, creeping my finger further back and higher up to rub cool slippery lube against his sensitive anal whorl. It always gets me, fingering his butt. Not only does he love it, but I imagine I’m fingering myself, so I’m demonstrating what I love done to me. His grunt of pleasure tugged strands of desire in my stomach. Heat built in my pussy.

As I knelt over him, feeling a rush of power, I alternately lubed the entrance to his arse and a black silicone butt plug. Knowing he could take it, I nuzzled the modest plug against his pucker. Distracting him by twiddling and twisting his nipples, I began to press the plug at his threshold. When all of a sudden his body succumbed, it popped in, and a mixture of relief and delight washed over his face.

“Nice?” I asked, feasting my eyes on my sexy man now. Desire twisted and unfurled in my belly viewing him this way: bound and blindfolded, with a silicone toy invading his butt.

He nodded, biting his lip while I continued the tease of his nipples with my nails and slick fingertips. I agitated the stopper of the butt plug with one hand while simultaneously drizzling cold, slippery lube the length of his shaft. You’d never know anal play was a recent experiment for us. Jim’s groan was audible, delivering another punch of desire to my gut.

Closing a fist around his shaft I steadily slicked his foreskin up and down, teasing that butt plug all the while. His whole body tensed under my influence, straining to jackknife with pulses of pleasure which the tight bonds wouldn’t allow.

“Relax. It’s all about your pleasure.” I crooned. “Come whenever you want to.”

I sat astride one of his thighs to focus all my energy on pleasuring Jim. Revelling in his bucks and twists I wanked his cock from balls to tip, grasping and twisting, aided by the slip of lube. I kept up the torment of his hard nipples while agitating and tugging the silicone plug which invaded his butt, never letting him forget I was in charge. Jim was at my mercy and I kept this foremost in our play, dispensing a mix of pleasure and pain.

When I looked down at my pussy, I saw that I’d drooled a puddle of clear fluid on him. Strings of arousal leaked from my lips all down his quad muscles. I was so ready for him to fuck me, but this part of the game was all about his pleasure, although undeniably I was getting off making his climax build, watching him strain and struggle towards it.

My fist became a blur, pumping a rhythm of traction as I wanked him up and down. I maintained my tease of his anus, while bending my head to lick his nipples and nibble with my teeth. The tip of his cock swelled purple and glossy, his abdomen became taut, and his testicles retreated from his sac.

Suddenly, with grunts ripped out of him, Jim began to come.

Opaque fluid jetted onto his stomach, the ropes of it reaching his pecs. His cock pulsed as he decorated himself like a danish pastry. I felt a thrill watching his body twitch and spasm, tracking the grip of his climax until gradually the expression of pleasure/pain faded from his face, replaced by one of complete relaxation.

Grabbing tissues to blot his come, I unclipped the carabiners on the wrist restraints. Jim pushed the blindfold to his forehead, while I unfastened his ankles.

“That was awesome!” Jim grinned, flexing his arms for circulation.

As I helped him clean up, our roles subtly switched, no longer masterful, I became helpful.

“Your turn now,” he said.

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