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“I don’t know. I always want to have a look. I’m actually very curious,” said Lin Ching-wan. “They’ve bought a lot of things from us, and there must be research. I’ve been thinking that since our research Institute can develop a lot of things in the realm of cultivation, they should be able to do the same. I don’t know if they will fight in the future. They always need to know each other.” Minister Xu also thought, “It has been decided that you will communicate with each other in the afternoon, so it is good to increase the exchange of commodities now, and you can do it.” “Where is the money?” “Reimbursement in the department, but you also save some money.” Since Lei Tao they practice, the money of the special department is spent very quickly. Minister Xu is a little painful. “You take time to mention it with Yi Han, and let Lei Tao take other courses, such as drawing charms, refining medicine and so on. Isn’t it very profitable now? Don’t just think about fighting all day long. When they are a little higher, the Ministry may really be hollowed out by them. Lin Ching-wan said in a low voice, “Minister, the cost of drawing charms and refining medicine is also very high. In the early stage, you basically have to use medicine to pile it up.” Although Minister Xu felt painful, he still said: “Without input, there is no output. I understand everything. This is the same as studying. After 16 years of investment, it is possible to have output after graduation and work. I am willing to spend this.” Lin Qingwan understood, “I’ll go back and tell Yi Han to put this on the agenda.” Minister Xu nodded, “The soldiers in the army don’t want to. They can only teach them some basics. It’s impossible for everyone to learn as much as the monks in the world. Although the country has a lot of resources, it can’t afford so many people,plastic pallet crates, so we can only select the best to train.” Minister Xu apparently communicated with the above, at this time and Lin Qingwan revealed some, “In addition to our special department, most of the other elite personnel will be arranged to do research in various research institutes.” Lin Ching-wan said that she understood, so she paid more attention to foreign sorcerers, whose special sideline could not be widely promoted in the army, depending on whether the situation of the other side was the same as theirs. If it’s almost the same, there’s no need to be afraid. Lin Ching-wan is still very confident about what their ancestors left behind. Minister Xu looked at Lin Qingwan,collapsible pallet box, only to feel very satisfied, near retirement can also get such a successor, he is really too happy. Not only smart, many things do not need to say thoroughly, the other side can understand what you mean, the most important thing is that the two people are also politically compatible. Chapter 586 exchange of needed goods. There were three clergymen with the secretary of state and the commercial party, and the chief one did not care to appear at all, but called two of his men to come. Obviously, like their country, even the Secretary of State could not command them. Lin Ching-wan, of course, did not take them directly to see Hsu Hsien and others, although she did not know much about the division of the strength of Western countries, but as soon as she met, she was sure that the strength of the two priests was below her. When Lin Ching-wan was communicating with them, she could not help but gradually increase her power, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet containers, and when they were sweating profusely on their foreheads, she smiled back and chatted with them. There are many people with special abilities in the world. China has a cultivation circle, and other countries naturally have their own organizations. Earlier, they had communication. One of the most frequent exchanges between different people in the world was probably during the Second World War. Before that, people basically developed at home and seldom looked at the outside world. After that, people in various countries were suppressed and excluded, and many people had to hide from the world, or hide their strength and seek other aspects of development. Everyone’s news was cut off again. Lin Ching-wan once asked Yi Han about the development of strange people in other countries. These intelligence countries are blank here, but there should be some in the realm of cultivation. There is indeed some information in the realm of cultivation, but there is no detailed information. Master Mo will not give it to Yi Han in vain. Because giving Yi Han is equivalent to giving Lin Qingwan in vain, giving the special department in vain, that is really meat buns beating dogs without return. So Master Mo was very stingy and said, “Anyway, in terms of the number of people, in terms of personal strength, all the people in the world are not enough to compete with us.”.
” Lin Ching-wan understood as soon as she heard this, but it was obvious that there was not enough information about the priests who had come here. One guest, and only three of them had landed, could all hold it and not come out. Smiling, Lin Qingwan mentioned that during World War II, everyone fought against the aggressors together. At that time, there was cooperation between the two countries. Lin Ching-wan began with this, lamenting that the amulets used by his predecessors at that time were quite powerful, and he did not know how many means of attack their priests commonly used. When the goods they might have traded over there were almost touched, Lin Ching-wan took them out and accidentally passed by the conference room of the exchange meeting not far away, which was still in full swing. The foreign guests were particularly interested in this strange method. After lunch, they stopped the monks who were about to leave and humbly asked them about the usage of various things, and by the way, inquired about the information of the spiritual world. Lin Ching-wan kept taking them away, and although the two priests wanted to stop and have a look, they were guests and could not be rude, so they only paused and followed. That evening, the Secretary of State contacted them and said that the priest was much better and wanted to meet with them the next morning. With a sneer, Minister Xu said to Lin Ching-wan and Yi Han, “You two can go there early tomorrow morning and feel their strength.”. I already inquired about it yesterday, and the great priest who came here is very strong, and I heard that he can be ranked in the top ten. So see Yi Han and the other side who is more powerful, if the big priest even Yi Han can not compare, Minister Xu and Lin Qingwan looked at each other, all meaningful smile. So early the next morning, Yi Han dug Lin Qingwan out of bed and dragged her to Zhongnanhai to meet the guests, no, with the foreign guests. Lin Qingwan last night in doing trading statistics, plus practice, very late to sleep, at this time some sleepy, simply on the shoulder of Yi Han slept all the way. Zhou Zhou, who was temporarily dragged as a driver, did not squint all the way. After waiting for someone to get off,collapsible bulk containers, he winked at Yi Han. “Captain, are you all right in the afternoon? Do you want me to wait for you here, or are you..” 。

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